Biosoil, a groundbreaking product innovation

A great way to improve your garden is to improve the quality of your soil. Healthy soil provides a comfortable environment for plants. Biosoil can do just that, and here is how.

Humic content is the yellow-brown substances found in soil, consisting of any vegetative matter in the process of breaking down. In humates, there are various elements like humic and fulvic acids. Fulvic acid is a chemical compound formed when soil microorganisms break down plant material over long periods. Biosoil is a concentrated solution of humic and fulvic acids.

Biosoil is also an excellent source of carbon and a natural supplement to feed good pathogens and microbes in the soil. So, when you add Biosoil, therefore adding humic and fulvic acids, it improves the humic content in your soil and thus will improve your soil’s structure.

Easily apply Biosoil as a soil drench. Dilute 50 ml Biosoil per 10 litres of water. When you add Biosoil to clay soils, it will improve the structure of the clay soil and enhance the porosity and aeration, whereas applied to sandy soils, the soil’s water-holding capacity will improve.

When you apply fertiliser, you provide nutrients to the soil. Adding Biosoil will ensure that you get maximum use out of the fertiliser. The improved humic content Biosoil provides makes the nutrients already in the soil more readily available by transporting them directly to the root zone of the plants.

Biosoil can be used as an adjuvant in foliar nutrient sprays as well. Regular addition of Biosoil to irrigation improves crop growth by increasing yield and flower production.



















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