Kitchen scraps to compost

Most people don’t make their own garden compost, because they think it is going to be a lot of work or they simply don’t know how. This is where we come in… we’re hoping to inspire you to start repurposing your food scraps, turning those scraps into rich humus for your lawn and garden. Compost, not only provide nutrients to your plants, but will help retain soil moisture. Composting is very easy, rewarding and a great way to teach kids the value of repurposing.

Composting will not only make a huge difference in your garden; it can also divert as much as 20% of your household waste away from the garbage bin. If more South Africans start to collect their kitchen scraps for composting, it can make a big difference to our landfills. You see, when organic matter is included in your garbage, instead of being used for composting, and it hits the landfill, it creates harmful methane gasses as it breaks down because it is lacking the air it needs to decompose quickly.

Now that we have you convinced to start composting, the first thing you need to do is chose your composting site. If you plan on adding a lot of kitchen scraps, chose a site conveniently close to your house and hose, because your compost should always remain slightly moist. You can build your own compost enclosure, but do not stress if you are not feeling up to building your own, there are various of durable composters (made from recycled materials) available to buy.

Secondly, place a bucket (with a lid) or a small compost bin in your kitchen, to save yourself the trouble of running outside to the compost heap every time you chop some vegetables or fry an egg, and only empty out when full, which depending on your cooking methods, could be about once a week.

Lastly, we recommend that you add Makhro Compost Activator to your compost. Makhro Compost Activator is formulated from 100% natural, live microbes that will convert garden waste into compost in as little as six weeks. This product contains 29 strains of beneficial bacteria that degrade waste, with some strains, able to reduce harsh smells. 500 ml Compost Activator is enough for up to two tons of compost.

Enjoy making your compost and thank you for doing your part by reducing the large amount of food waste in our landfills!


What household scraps to include in your compost?

  • All vegetable and fruit waste, even moldy pieces – cores, peels, pits, rinds, and skins
  • Coffee grounds and filters
  • Loose-leaf tea and tea bags
  • Corn husks
  • Egg shells, rinsed and crushed
  • Expired spices
  • Flowers from bouquets
  • Juicer pulp
  • Shredded, ink-free paper and cardboard
  • Healthy household plant clippings and leaves