Lawn Care at its Best

We all strive for a perfect lawn – weed, insect and disease free. Lawn Protector is a unique product with multiple active ingredients (bifenthrin, bupirimate and propiconazole) that allows you to treat your lawn for both insects and fungi simultaneously. In lawn maintenance, differentiating between insect and fungi damage is tricky, but with Lawn Protector trial and error is eliminated.

It is now so much simpler with Lawn Protector, the all in one solution – 40 ml to 10 liters water per 10m2.

For those unwanted pesky broadleaf weeds that can quickly take over a beautiful lawn, use Makhro’s Super Lawnweeder. This is a multiple active, broad spectrum, selective broadleaf weed killer that will take care of this. Super Lawnweeder contains three active ingredients (dicamba, 2,4D and MCPA) that will help you control the majority, if not all the broadleaf weeds on your lawn.

Dollar spot (Sclerotina homoecarpa)

Lawn caterpillar (Spodoptera cilium)

Just when you think that you have won the battle, remember to get rid of those weed seeds waiting patiently to germinate. There is a unique product called Lawntyl that will control these seeds and winter grass simultaneously. Lawntyl, with its duel actives will control broadleaf weeds, winter grass and serve as a pre-emergant to your lawn seed bank. It is a pre- and post emergent herbicide with ingredients (terbuthylazine and simazine). Control those unwanted weeds before they even emerge from the soil and this can only be used on Kikuyu, buffalo and quick grass.  It must be washed into the soil the following day to manage the seed control.  If not washed into the soil within 24 hours, you would only get to control the weeds that are already growing.

It is also very important to use the right feeding to promote growth.  A good feeding to use would be 1 for All 13.3.8 with makro and micro trace elements with negligible chlorine levels and also water soluble for quick results with very little water.

By following our recommendations, you can make you neighbours jealous by finally having that perfectly green lawn!

African mole cricket (Gryllotalpa Africana)

Brown patch (Rhizoctonia solani)


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