We can be proactive in fighting certain pests that occur year after year in the garden. Makhro Home and Garden (Pty) Ltd would like to introduce you to one of the stars in our product range:


KOINOR is more than just an insecticide as it not only controls the insect pest that it is targeted against, but also provides lengthy protection by controlling the insect vectors of various plant that plants are susceptible to and which can completely halt their development and devastate the crop.

Due to the versatility of KOINOR and the numerous application methods via which the active

ingredient – imidacloprid can be applied, the harm that it can cause to the beneficial insect and mite population can be minimized or eliminated significantly.

KOINOR is a systemic insecticide, controlling Aphids and other sucking insects on Roses, Conifers and Citrus. Koinor can also be used as a nest treatment for Ants and Mole crickets on lawns.

Quick and Easy application

Koinor is applied to the soil around the plant using a watering can or jug; the plants take the Koinor up through the roots and transport it through the plant sap to the leaves. The Koinor is present in the plant sap and protects the plant from insects that suck the plant sap such as Aphids.

Timing is important

Koinor must be applied early spring when the plant is growing actively. The plants are protected from the start, focus on species that are attacked every year like:







Wild Olives



Indoor pot plants

Koinor offers protection for six months at a time and needs to be repeated Early Summer

Koinor will give protection to Citrus varieties against: Aphids, Red Scale, Psylla and Leafminer.

The important thing to remember is to apply the Koinor in August, if you apply it later you will not be able to use the fruit that have formed on the tree, they will have to be picked and discarded,

and the first fruit set thereafter would be safe for harvesting.

Koinor has more applications: Little black ants make nests in paving and driveways, mix Koinor in a watering can and apply a half a liter per nest entrance.

Handy Tip: If the ants are coming into the house apply the Koinor around the house close to the wall, treat visible nests. The ants avoid the barrier of Koinor and do not go in the house; protection can last up to six months.

Mole Crickets are a problem that may come back year after year. Many insecticides don’t work

because they do not reach the insects that burrow deep into the soil. Preventative treatment can be achieved by applying the Koinor to the lawn in November and watering well. The nymphs hatch in November and it is easier to control them when they are young.

Always when buying Garden Care products Read the label before buying the product to make sure it is the correct product for the job you have in mind. Follow the instructions carefully. Never mix more than you need and never dispose of leftover chemicals by throwing them down the drain.

Koinor is a clever choice for busy gardeners who want to protect their plants and have more time for other things in life.

Written by:

Ute Jacobs and Wilmar Burger