Let your flowers grow to their full potential

100% Organic fertilizer


In pots or in your garden

  • The guano used is sustainably sourced using environmentally conscious methods and originates from the Namibian Coast.
  • Go Organic Guano is produced locally in South Africa
  • 100 % Natural Ingredients


The features and benefits of Go Organic Guano:

  • A natural organic fertilizer widely recognized and endorsed by organic growers.
  • Improves the water- and nutrient retaining capacity.
  • Cost effective – 2 liters of Go Organic Guano dilutes to 80 liters of plant food.
  • Serves a dual purpose as a foliar spray and soil nutrition.
  • Does not burn plants or roots.
  • Used as a foliar spray on all small grains, maize, fruit trees, vegetables, vineyards as well as on flowers.
  • Exceptional results when applied to roses.


Secondary factors and why it works

  • Better metabolism of nitrates in plants
  • Stronger cell walls resulting in:
    1. Enhancement in flavor
    2. Resistance to mould and fungal attack
    3. More upright stems and open leaves
    4. Enhanced photosynthesis
  • More fertile and viable seed formation
  • Longer shelf life of produce
  • Food that is better to eat


Product Analysis

Go Organic Guano is collected bird droppings that are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements and other active ingredients.


Go Organic Guano is a rich and concentrated fertilizer that will revitalize your plants.


Frequently asked questions

Question 1:

Does this product have a waiting period before one can harvest crops?

A:  This product is safe to use with no waiting period.  Crops can be harvested shortly after applying the product, just rinse well.


Question 2:

Will it burn my plants?

A:  No, it will not burn your plants or plant roots as it contains no added chemicals.


Question 3:

Can I use this product throughout the year?

A:  This product is safe to use all year round.


Question 4:

Is Go Organic Guano truly organic?

A:  It is organic in the sense that the product is manually harvested directly from the islands in Namibia without the introduction of any synthetic or chemical additives.