Tiny but mighty!

The power of nature’s microbes in a bottle.


Billions of tiny microbes spend all their lives improving the environment we all live in. They are all around us. Microscopic microbes make a massive impact to break down and reduce.


Dealing with waste and saving water have become some of our primary concerns. These microbial products help to fast-track our efforts. They are available, and they work!


Beneficial microbes help us condition our soil, enhance plant health, and degrade waste created by humans, plants and animals, allowing us to better manage the various waste elements in our homes and gardens. This includes home composting and improving the use of greywater and smelly drains.


Fast homemade compost

Winter is the season for pruning, neatening shrubs, and fallen leaves littering our gardens and driveways. We prepare vegetable soups and hearty stews. All of these leave us with organic waste that microbes can process into compost for your gardens and flower beds.


All you have to do is:

  • Build a compost enclosure or invest in an enclosed composter bin.
  • Choose a convenient site close to a hose (because your compost should always remain slightly moist).
  • Save yourself a lot of trouble, place a small compost bin in your kitchen, and only empty it when it is full.
  • Add cut-up garden and kitchen waste to your compost heap or composter bin.
  • Apply natural microbes by mixing 50ml Makhro Compost Activator with 5L of water and wet the compost until run-off.
  • Turn the compost every two weeks and re-apply.


Makhro Compost Activator contains healthy bacteria and fungi strains that degrade organic waste, reduce smelly odours, and ensure waste conversion into brown gold compost in as little as six to eight weeks.



Clean smelly drains

SmellAway Drain Clean contains a team of natural microbes that digest cooking oils, fats, proteins, and other waste components that cause smelly and clogged problems.


Once all the taps are closed for the night, apply a boost dose of 250ml of SmellAway Drain Clean directly into the smelly drain. Allowing sufficient time for the microbes to do their job. Repeat the application if your smelly problem persists. A weekly dose of 50ml will aid as a preventive measure for future problems. This product is not corrosive or harmful to humans, plants or animals.


Next time, we urge you to try SmellAway Drain Clean instead of reaching for a bottle of harsh chemicals for smelly or clogged kitchen or bathroom drains.



‘Fresher’ grey water

Save water and use your greywater for irrigation. Greywater is wastewater from baths, showers, sinks and appliances such as the washing machine. It does not include water from either the toilet system or kitchen water, as the fat content can harm plants.

SmellAway Greywater & Septic Tank is a natural odour reducer for greywater, rain harvest and septic tanks. It consists of billions of beneficial microbes, improving the water quality and degrading organic waste and sludge build-up. Greywater and septic tanks can get sludgy and smelly. The microbial team found in Smell Away Greywater & Septic Tank will become your best friend in managing these challenges.


Pour directly into your tank or pour down the drain that feeds into your tank as per product dosages for domestic greywater systems and septic tanks.