Breaking news: We identified the culprits. They are black and yellow-banded larvae and are unpalatable to most vertebrate predators.


The warmer weather encouraged the precious summer bulbs, Amaryllis, Clivia, Agapanthus, Crinums and Haemanthus, to juice up and flower again. Unknowingly aware of the Lily borer syndicate on the loose. The juicy flowers attracted the attention of the atrocious criminal, Lily Borer – also known as amaryllis borer – to commit their crimes. 


Their MO: These are voracious feeders that take vast chunks of healthy leaves. To add insult to injury, they will even tunnel deeply into the plant’s body, munching away until nothing is left. Signs of collapsing plants are a sure indication that they are present.


As plants are costly to replace, it is best to do preventative spraying and a controlled follow-up. 


The intel on their activities is that the white moths start laying their eggs on the underside of the leaves in early September. In warm subtropical climates, they do it all year round. The newly-hatched larvae will immediately start feeding at night and on overcast days.


Sargent Plant Care and Special Agent Koinor were assigned to the case and released the following statements. Sargent Plant Care takes double-barrel action through contact and systemic control. Sargent PC informed us that he works well in low temperatures and will patrol easier during winter and early spring. Cold temperatures slow the water intake through the plant roots, giving Sargent PC a unique edge because of its contact control characteristic. Police Secretary SK Eco Oil assists Sargent PC with his contact patrol work to improve coverage, increasing his productivity and ensuring that Sargent PC sticks to the task.

Special Agent Koinor assured us he will take over during the summer while the ground temperatures are warm. Special Agent Koinor will provide season-long control with systemic action, avoiding further infestations. Special Agent Koinor drenches the soil and is guaranteed the best man for the Lily Borer case.


Patrolling shifts must occur at late dusk or night when these criminals are active.