Makhro Home and Garden is giving back!

It is time to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.
Makhro Home and Garden proudly supports Ukuthandwa Foundation’s The Joey Project. This project, which focuses only on generating donations towards animal shelters, was inspired by a true best friend and emotional companion.

Makhro Home and Garden is the first business to get involved and agreed to donate R2.00 from each unit sold to their retailers of these chosen products during an agreed-upon period.

When you are bothered by the various summer insects, we urge you to remember that it is not only us as humans who have to deal with the struggle. Please support our campaign and choose to buy Makhro Home and Garden products.

From the directors of Ukuthandwa Foundation:
Ukuthandwa (meaning “to be loved”) Foundation is a dynamic non-profit organization (NPO 253-981) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO 930070322) established in 2020.
We are dedicated to improving South Africa by spreading love through assisting those in need, uplifting local communities, and promoting social responsibility.

Our purpose flows from our passion for South Africa as our home. Our belief that improving lives is an investment in our collective future. We strive to create an environment of encouragement, empowerment, compassion, love, and mutual respect.

Visit our Facebook page for more information on The Joey Project: Ukuthandwa (Charity organisation)