Once upon a time, in a picturesque garden nestled within a charming village, there lived a skilled gardener named Ella. Her love for nature was unparalleled, and her garden was a sanctuary of vibrant roses. She tended to her garden with the utmost care, nurturing every plant.


However, a dark and menacing force threatened Ella’s beloved garden: a villainous army of sucking insects and diseases. These wicked foes came from the dark sides of the globe, determined to feed on every plant that might come across their path, including Ella’s rose garden, which she had worked so hard to cultivate to the utmost perfection.


Aware of this looming threat, she decided to seek the guidance of her wise friend, an ancient Commander named Makhro and his royal Knights of the Roses: Sir Koinor, a unique insect fighter, Master Grobest possesses magic powers, Dame Rose Protector harnesses a secret potion, and Lady Chronos, a gentle warrior.


Ella diligently applied these remedies and watched as her roses bloomed with newfound strength and her garden regained its vibrant beauty.


Ella’s garden once again thrived, its beauty and fragrance enchanting all who visited. The villagers marvelled at her dedication and the magical remedies that had saved her garden.


This gardener’s story and her battle against the forces of destruction became a cherished legend, inspiring gardeners everywhere to protect their precious sanctuaries from the pests that threatened them, armed with the knowledge of Makhro and his royal Knights of the Roses.


Koinor: For season-long control of any aphids and all sucking insects, use Koinor by applying it directly to the base of the rose’s stem. It is easy to apply, and no spraying is required.


Chronos: A contact fungicide formulated to have no negative effect on roses and controls black spot and powdery mildew on roses. The advantage of Chronos over most older-generation fungicides is that the leaf absorbs it within minutes after application. The product then moves within the leaves to just beneath the surface, preventing entry of the fungi conidia through the stomata pores.


Grobest: A fish hydrolysate liquid fertilizer is a natural way to supply abundant minerals and vitamins to your roses. It provides many benefits, including nitrogen and phosphorus, promoting rapid plant growth.


Rose Protector: The original three-active-ingredient rose protector!

With a contact insecticide, a contact fungicide and a systemic fungicide, Makhro Rose Protector offers 3-in-1 protection for controlling pests and diseases on roses.