Makhro Home and Garden introduces the royalty of fertilizers, Turbo-K.

Super-Charged Plant Nutrition with Multi-K Potassium Nitrate inside

Highly Efficient and Effective Granular NPK Complex Fertilizer

14 – 6 – 14 + Me

Turbo-K, an NPK compound granule generated from Multi-K™ Potassium Nitrate, is the ultimate solution for your general fertilizer requirements—a uniquely formulated product with a nutrient ratio that will satisfy most applications. Turbo-K has readily available nutrients, making it ideal for healthy lawns, beautiful flower beds and other landscaping requirements. Its highly water-soluble phosphorus is a powerful plant growth engine.

Turbo-K’s all-in-one granules contain a balance of seven essential nutrients in each individual granule: N (Nitrogen); P (Phosphorus); K (Potassium); Mg (Magnesium); S (Sulfur); Fe (Iron); Zn (Zinc). This unique composition ensures uniform nutrition, using much less fertilizer for the same or even greater yields and improved quality.

Turbo-K has a low environmental impact due to benefits such as:

Efficient uptake due to synergy between nitrate and potassium

100% plant nutrients, entirely consumed by the plant

Free of sodium and chloride

Contains carefully balanced K, Mg and S to optimize plant uptake

Homogeneous composition in each granule ensures uniform plant nutrition

Leaves no harmful residues

Beneficial for chloride-intolorated crops and saline soils.

Application recommendation:

Apply to the soil as a base or side dressing.

Flower beds: Apply 10g/m2, reapply monthly.

Lawns and Sports fields: Apply 10g/m2, reapply monthly

Registered Plant Nutrient Content:

N (Nritogen) : 140 g/kg (14%)

P (Phosphorus) : 60 g/kg (6%)

K (Potassium) : 140 g/kg (14%)

S (Sulfur) : 70 g/kg (7%)

Mg (Magnesium) : 12 g/kg (1.2%)

Fe (Iron) : 1000 mg/kg (0.1%)

Zn (Zinc) : 200 mg/kg (0.02%)