Saving water this summer

The planting season is in full swing, and our garden plants love the spring and summer temperatures, given you provide them with enough water. Somedays, we are lucky, and Mother Nature does the watering for us; other days, it is up to us to water our beloved plants. Whether you water by hand or have an automated watering system in place, you would’ve realized by now that your plants require a lot of watering during these hot periods—especially the ones planted in full sun.


While watering, you might have noticed water accumulating on the surface before very slowly seeping into the ground. Of course, this all depends on the area, soil type, and soil quality; nevertheless, experiencing poor water penetration means that water is struggling to reach the deeper roots.


Luckily, Makhro Home and Garden always has a solution when it comes to your garden! In this case, we offer a highly effective wetting agent called, Waterwise®3D. This unique product not only assists in water penetration and retention but also reduces water runoff and evaporation. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Because Waterwise®3D allows the water to penetrate deeper into the soil, it improves the efficiency of fertilizers, plus saving you a lot of water and cost by cutting watering by up to 50%! Wow!


If you aren’t already on your way to buying this fantastic product, you should know that by using Waterwise®3D, deeper and denser root growth is encouraged so that less frequent watering is required. Waterwise®3D is fully biodegradable and pet and aquatic-friendly. It is not harmful to earthworms, and you can use it around ponds, waterways, and other aquatic environments.



Furthermore, if you are planning on adding more plants to your garden, you should take note of another show stopper product that we are offering called, AquaFix®. Perfectly described by its nickname, The Water Reservoir, AquaFix® absorbs water and nutrients up to 300 times its weight acting as a reservoir, slowly releasing the water in the plant root zone as required. This addition to your garden will significantly reduce your watering cycles.


When you mix Aquafix with water, it forms a slurry. You can either mix the slurry into the soil before placing the seedlings into the planting pit or pour the slurry into the planting pit and put it into the slurry without integrating it into the ground. AquaFix® can hydrate and re-hydrate many times over its lifetime, providing ongoing benefits to the plants. It is effectively applied to prevent plant loss caused by water stress and drought in the soil where the water holding capacity is low or non-existent.



During this silly season, the last thing we want is our plants sitting high and dry.


For more information on these recommended products, visit our website, or feel free to call our office on 021-981-4011 for more advice.