Why you need Fosfifol Ca for your plants

Fosfifol Ca is a concentrated liquid solution of Calcium Phosphate.

Calcium phosphate is a compound that contains both calcium and phosphorus.

Phosphorus and calcium are both vital minerals that provide essential nutrition for plants.

Phosphorus is often absent in soil with low organic matter content, but its presence is vital, and here is why.

Phosphorus is the transportation of all nutrients by circulating up and down and throughout the plant. When calcium bonds with phosphorus, it creates calcium phosphate. The phosphate brings the calcium through the plant and drops it where it belongs. It transports all nutrients throughout the plant apart from nitrogen.

Calcium is an essential mineral for both plants and microbes. Calcium helps plant cells communicate with each other by physically moving between cell membranes.

Applying Fosfifol Ca by fertigation or as a foliar spray ensures the crucial formation and integrity of cell membranes and walls and significant root and pollen tube growth by giving your plants access to the necessary nutrients.

To quote Dan Skow, “Calcium is essential for its energy creation potential in the soil to release the other elements that cause a plant to grow.”

Give your plants the “energy drink” it needs and apply Fosfifol Ca today!